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What are the ways that a student can able to help their society?

Students are wealth of a country. The writers and successful persons are said like this, education institutions and education systems are more important and needed elements to make best country and people in this world. Governments are giving more importance on education and them trying their best to place new academic institutions for finding best students for future. As a student you think a significant part later on of humankind. Analysis it; recognize what is optimistic in that also what the negatives are included in. You need to learn more about nature of society and human behavior and activities. Also do analysis how people become in future. Now you are the part of the society and after completing your degree level education you have the responsibility to change the world in to positive. You have the energy, resources, and skill after completing your education. Also believe yourself you are the future and try to design yourself and give your contribution to society. If your design or idea people many accept, they become under your thought or design. Students can change the society with different manner, but initially you must polish your skill and knowledge. Without knowledge and proper studies you can’t implement new designs in your society. Academic institutions are resolving these problems with help of teachers and education system.

Present days, in this world numerous activities for students get plans for the improvement of the society. We can see students are planting trees at everywhere. The education system is changed and they put this activity as a task for students. The teachers are teaching student’s importance of trees and global warming. Teachers and academic institutions are conducting seminars and awareness classes for students to know the importance of trees and planting a tree. Also let students to engage with orphan children, because students are know their same age child’s mind. If students are interacting with them, they will get motivation to live in this world as a good person. Academic system is providing more other program and activities like, NCC, Scouts, arts club, and sports clubs in institutions. These kinds of programs are giving awareness to children based on politics, nation’s security and culture, and pulse of nation. The students are standing at middle of new and old generation. So they can easily learn and understand the current society and implementation of ideas of old generation. The technology is daily updating, so you can use that to develop and new nation and society. After observing you can give training for new generation. The home, school, and all educational institutions are creating new persons for country, so you should care some points and try to implements new ideas based on it.

Try to develop good education system and don’t spend time only for teaching technologies. Teach human values and society importance. A child is developing their character and behavior at home. The family is very important to assist the child to develop it. Family members should give advice and instruction to their child. When a child is entering school, he will learn basic of human activities. Lower and higher primary teachers are giving and developing basics for degree level. Most of the students are start to mold their career at college academic level. Many opportunities will get there for polish your skills and also big knowledge place see there to learn. Now day’s students are spending on social Medias and it is a good place of reacting or expressing your words. You can prevent negative activities through social media. Also some students are fall in to drugs usage, as friend you can stop them to use drugs. Also awareness them and said the negatives of drug usage. Try to encourage your colleagues to achieve their goal. Give your contribution to make up a new society and give importance for human service. Also raise your hands when a negative thing happens, and also keeping always smiles in face.