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Essential features that needed to became a best student

Become a best student in your school is not an easy to you. It must need 100% dedication, passion, and hard work. The parents and teachers are just showing a path for you. You have the responsibility to move towards through that path. You will face many problems and struggling factors in your path, but these problems and difficulties will help you to mold a good personality in your life and career. Parents and teachers are motivating all students to become best students. Also all students are trying to make good impression on teachers. Initially you have to impress on your teachers based on studies and academic activities. But all students have very less knowledge and ideas to impress their academic professors and teachers. The teachers are always observing students’ behavior, character, personality, and academic performance and these elements are upgrading students into best students. All students have negative and positive strength, you should find your negatives with help of teachers and try to make that all negative strength into positives for achieving your goals. But all have doubts and confusion about how to make it possible to become best students. The students are not following a good method to build their career and skills and lack guidelines and decisions are cause to divert their aim. As a student you have to obey the rules in your academic institutions and should respect your teachers and elder members in the institution. Try to know some most importance methods and tips here to grab your teachers’ attention on you and these tips will help to become a best student in your academic institutions.


The preparation based on your academic level. Degree level students have a lot preparation before joining in college and after they have to maintain some preparation for make a step ahead. The students have different skills and their reaching or breaking points are very different. Each student’s skills and capabilities are analyzed by teachers via academic tasks and exams. You have to make a lot of preparation before entering your classroom. Initially try to arrange you notebooks and instruments and also make sure you have done the homework before leaving from home. Complete your studies based on teachers given portions. If teachers may ask any questions related on yesterday’s class, you should answer it. Otherwise it cause make a bad impression on you. Try to give more time for reading and writing, these activities are giving more thread and knowledge for improving the knowledge. The homework and assignment works are giving more practice on the work and this way you can easily learn the tips for the works.

Follow time management

The punctuality is very important for students. The academic institutions and teachers are following a time table or time management system for teaching. The students are must research at classroom before bell. If you are entering classroom when teacher teaching, this will create a bad impression on you by teachers and also they will think you are always late to research and attend the class. Also you have to submit academic task before deadline. try to keep a time management system for doing your task. It will save to your time to do additional works, also you can do the task with relaxation and no hurry needed there.

Try to involve all academic activities

Bright and best students are always present a good performance in all academic activities including with extracurricular activities likes sports, arts, and literature activities. Now day’s academic system gave more importance for extracurricular activities, also if you are performing good you will get academic grades based on your activities. The physical and mental strength will improve when you are involving in extracurricular activities.

Character building and self-discipline

Try to maintain self-discipline, because the discipline very important when communicate with teacher and other students. The teachers are looking every student’s character and that way they approach you for teacher. So if you want a good relationship with your teachers, you have to keep good character. You can use mediation and excursive to control your emotions.